Vetehinen – The Siren Killer

The Greek gods’ cruelty and distain towards the human race grew out of control. Oracles secretly conspired with clerics to fight back against their vicious monsters. Vetehine, the siren killer, was created to take back the sea. History would’ve never seen the fall of the Greek gods if it was not for heroes like Vetehine, fighting back against the gods’ pet.
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New Writing Challenge : Themes

No one signed up for my last writing exercise. Maybe, it was a bit too much (Jones was a little crazy). I decided to focus on a lost art. Theme.

Exercise: write a short story with theme.
Subject: Gay Marriage.
Challenge: As with any theme, your views need to come across in a non-preachy way and entertain the opposite view as well as your own audience.
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Andrew’s Journal – Entry 50

I’m excited. I’m writing in my journal again. I’m heading to Chicago with Jacob to help setup a stronger Morning Star presence in the Midwest. The best part is that Jacob’s family is there. He had to leave them behind years ago. We’re going to save his family. I am so glad I can be a part of it.

My psychologist back in LA would’ve said that I was seeking risk as a form of grieving. I’m just glad I’m leaving her in LA.

Andrew’s Journal – Entry 49

I was able to have Avery’s funeral three months after the desert fiasco where I was able to confirm her death. That was about four months after her mother’s funeral. I hardly remembered Heather’s funeral. It’s like I wasn’t even there. It was unreal. It was just a process of getting her in the ground, no celebration of her life. But it made sense, Avery had been still missing.
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Andrew’s Journal – Entry 48

Our trial took place down the street at someone else’s house. The place seemed normal enough considering it was government housing. It was a three bedroom and was well-kept. They sat us at an extended dining room table with six other people. Two other Morning Stars stood at the entrance of the room, armed. Joe the Barber was one of the armed men. The six sitting at the table were black, but didn’t look like stereotypical gangbangers like the others did. They looked like regular folks. They dressed like me and talked like me. Until then I’d only met Morning Stars that had looked and talked like Jacob and the two armed men standing guard. They used urban slag, worn loose clothing, and were always quick to anger.
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Andrew’s Journal – Entry 47

We surrendered ourselves to the Moring Star high counsel. Jacob called them the “higher-ups”. They told us to go back to Jacob’s home to await our trial. Jacob assured me that there was no reason to run. They would be grateful for what we did. We had created a strong connection with the Church of Scientology and the Morning Stars would be able to strengthen their numbers while keeping their family members free.
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Andrew’s Journal – Entry 46

I had a follow-up appointment to my factious interview with Ron at Big Blue, Scientology’s main foothold in LA. I drove alone in Rohanda’s car. Jacob gave me a cell phone converted into a one-way mic so that he could keep tabs on me.

The walk from my car into Big Blue was nerve racking. The stories that Jacob had told me kept cycling through my head. My legs quivered as I walked down the block towards the giant eyesore of a church. I remembered the autumn air. It was cool, clean, and odorless.
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