Anarky Dan

“You’re a leader when you get a leader to follow you.” -Jadakiss

The sound of sonic cannons from our aerial attackers engulfs the scene. Technology being what it is these days, it is nothing short of a miracle that we’ve evaded the Guard this long. Todays chase will go down in the record books as the first chase by the Guard with no detainees. That may sound cocky–but I’m confident we will reach the blast gate before they catch us. You may wonder why we are being chased. Moreso, why we are being chased on my private property. Well, it goes like this:

Two hundred years ago, a forced Industrial Revolution ocurred. A terror group dubbed AnarkyX abducted nearly the entire global scientific community and put them to work on an ionic bomb. ionic fluel had been researched since the late 21st century, so the progress that each national group had made was astounding. Each individual or group had seperately discovered something the others needed, so together, they mastered the technology in less than a month. After that month, they were put to work on the bomb, which they flawed purposely. When they finished, they were let go, and AnarkyX made their strike against–of all nations–Canada. The bomb made a big flash, but nothing happened.
After that event, the conversion to ionic power was almost immediate. Since all the scientists left the situation with a full working knowledge of the technology, a flood of new products flooded the globe. From environmentaly-safe vehicles, to ionic warfare, fossil fuels quickly became something discussed in history class within one year. Today, 4 July, AD 2512, two hundred years to the day since the last fossil fuel technology shut down, all ionic-powered technology has shut down.
This morning at 0500 hours, GMT, every single piece of ionic tech simply stopped. Thankfully, hospitals, airplanes, and other high-risk tech had been developed seperately, using solar and water-based tech, but the new railway system that had streched across the Atlantic Ocean was ionic, and it stopped halfway between continents. Rescue crews on hydrogen-powered boats have been making trips back and forth all day to get people to safety. Precisely ten hours after the shutdown, ionic war tech came back into function, and seemingly took on a life of its own. The world was looking at an unbelievable scenario, something from an old Arnold movie, when a message from the long-dead AnarkyX spread through the airwaves.
This is the time of Judgement! Our machines will reign down fiery death upon this world until only the strongest remain! There is no room in this world for weaklings! Once the world is cleansed, we will take the leadership, and reshape this ball of mud in our image, in the image of AnarkyX!

That was three hours ago. I had gathered with a group of my friends a few days ago for a weekend of fun and games, and it has become a madhouse, instead. When our tech shut down this morning, we completely freaked out. When we found out that it wasn’t just us, we realized that this was a problem. Now we were hearing that this was an old AnarkyX bit, and we have begun planning. About twenty minutes ago I came to a realization; I have an army at my disposal.

“You’re joking, right Brian?” Evrett “Kid” Jones lookes at me in disbelief.

“I am not. My family has been taking care of these things since the first ones were acquired. There should not be a problem.” When fossil fuel tech exited the military, everything was sold to the private sector. My family, as a whole, bought up the entire stock of jet fighters and other high-profile military tech. They stored it all in an enormous museum they built in the US Rockies. Just so happens, I built my summer home down the street from there (after a fashion). We jumped in the ATVs and high-tailed it to the complex. Two minutes before we were home safe, Guard copters appeared outside the museum, and opened fire on us. Turns out that three months ago, Guard, the very long arm of the national police force, upgraded from solar to ion tech. Let’s hear it for technological advancement. As of now, we’re trying to get past the blast gate into the museum, which is more than enough to stop Guard copters (the family have been fans of die-cast metal since the 22nd century). Three of my friends are already at the door, trying to use my password to gain access, but it does not seem to be working. The Guard copters have circled and are making a third run on us. I open the pack that I’ve been carrying around all weekend, and pull out two make-shift gauntlets. I slip them on and press the yellow button on each one. These are a project I’ve been working on for quite a while. Human powered discharge gauntlets. Each one takes all random and erratic electric impulses that go from the body, collects them, and can release a “bio-electric” discharge. I’ve never tested them, but as we’re facing evil copters with excessive firepower, I’ve really only one choice. I make a run for it. The way it fell, when the first sweep came down, my ATV landed the farthest from the door. By now, all my friends have made it across, so I run. As I run, the readout bar on the gauntlets keeps increasing. In running, I’m expending a lot of bio-electric energy. As I stop about ten feet from the blast gate, I notice the readout at full. I turn and let loose. I notice a small tingling in my hands, but it’s worth it for the end result. A brilliant stream of pure energy propels from my hands towards the copters. They were in “FlyBy” formation, so they’re in a line. The blast catches the first one, and as it erupts, it throws a shockwave backwards to the next two.
“Holy shit!” Emmett “Play” James is not necessarily shocked at the fact that I had those, but moresoe at the explosion it caused.
I look to the wreckage as it falls to the ground and reply, “Nope, looks like the regular kind to me!” We all alugh it up, as we enter the complex.
The first thing we see is the sea of fighter jets. There’s about four hundred of them. And they look fantastic.
“You expect these things to go into battle against Ionic technology?” Play looks at me like I’ve gone insane.
“I expect these things to whup the shit out of Ionic technology, brother.”

End CH1

“Carpe Diem; Sieze the Day”
For the last hundred or so years, American culture has not developed much. Everyone has leand backwards. A renewed apreciation for the 20th and 21st centuries has swept across much of the nation. The craze has not slowed in recent tmes. Living proof are the two young men inspecting the ancient machines they just risked their backsides in order to access. Evrett Jones, and Emmett James have given themselves the nicknames “Kid” and “Play”, respectively, in a nod to the early 1990’s rap ensemble and stars of a trilogy of hit movies. Now, as they prepare to wage war against the future, they hope to create a new mythos around the names.
In the same way, Brian Jackson, their long time friend, and de-facto leader of the ragtag group, has taken a monicker that was popular in the late 20th century; “Action Jackson”. The role of leader fell in his lap when he ended up single-handedly rescuing Emmett’s mother from an attempted kidnapping a year ago. All three of these young men are very important in terms of global power.
Brian’s family has had a commanding hand in a lot of the technological industry for the last hundred and fifty years or so; Evrett and Emmett are actually cousins from a long line of engineers, an industry that became a rare thing when the National Engineer Directorate was wiped out in a terrorist bomb seventy years ago. The attack took their grandfather.
The rest of the group–while their professions may be more common, they are far from it. Barry Bosse, electronic specialist-if it has a current running through it, he can work with it. John and Theresa Tyler; newlywed graphic designers–they have been ackgnowledged for their work on the long-running Golden Child action/adventure game series.
The six have been friends since college–they went to seperate schools, but they met through an ATV club. Their burgeoning company, Lightforce Enterprises, is a consulting firm that they’ve just opened up to the public recently. The excursion to Brian’s summer home was a celebration of the event. Needless to say, it has not gone the way they hoped.
As the group stands in the bunker, taking in the scene of four hundred antiquated fighter jets, and countless other comparetively ancient weapons, Brian walks to a main control terminal, and spotlights six jets.
“Since these babies were the last models built, they had neuro-kinetic interface abilities. If everyone will step over here, for a quick flight lesson–” The group walks over to Brian with curious looks. “You see, in the final years of the jet-propelled flight program, the information download that is available to high psi-class rated people nowadays, was crudely used to instruct pilots in combat flight. In my immense free time, I’ve managed to update the tech on it, and made it compatible for any user.”
“Now–do we have a plan for this?” John looks in Brian’s direction, “We’re not just going to go ‘guns-a-blazing’ into a hostile situation, are we?”
“We’ll discuss that in a minute.” He looks around to make sure everyone’s got a download chip attached to their temple. “Download.”
Once activated, an information download only takes fourty seconds. It takes every available byte of information on any given subject, and delivers it into your long-term memory centers. After the fact, it takes anywhere from five minutes to an hour for your hand-eye coordination to take into effect the knowledge, and assimilate the reflexive knowledge. After that time, you will feel as if you’ve always had the skill you just downloaded.
Precisely fourty seconds after initiating the download, Brian removes his chip. “Now that that is done, let’s talk plan of action. Follow me.”
The group follows him to an average-sized room covered almost entirely in glass on the interior. Hanging from the center of the room is a relfective sphere roughly the size of a basketball.
“We gonna disco before we go?” Play makes jokes whenever he can, even at a time such as this.
“It’s an advanced holographic matrix. I developed it a couple years back. Mostly been using it to play the last two installments of Golden Child–Shield of Narmer and Dragon Quest.” He smiles at John and Theresa. “However now, it will serve a new purpose. This will essentially be our operational center. Through a satalite linkup, and my immense network of satelites that cover the globe, we can review 360-degree real-time maps.”
With that, lights in the corners of the room flicker, and the globe spins. After a moment, they appear to be almost directly over the Earth. Another moment and a blur of the imagery later, they hover over a scale-model United States.
“This is our situation: approximately three and a half hours ago, all Ionic-powered technology lost its damn mind. Everything this great nation, even the world thought of as its greatest achievements, has turned on us and is trying to wipe us out. Thankfully, when the governments of the world made some quick decisions a couple hundred years ago, there were a few people on the World Presidential Council that were smart enough to not allow some things changed over.” Momentarily, the image changes to a shot of a boat speeding across a large body of water, heading towards the Trans Atlantic Train. “Emergency forces and commercial airplanes are all safe from immediate threats, but we don’t know how long until Ionic war tech goes after civilian targets. The emergency crews world-wide have a handle on things, so we need to focus on the problem.”
A close-up on Chicago brings a chill down everyone’s back. The streets are in ruins, property damage immense, and the death toll is ever-growing. “Chicago.” Brian pauses, as the green simulator eye-piece he wears glimmers a flourescent green. “Apparently the highest concentration of Ionic technology gone bad is there. I’m thinking there might be a signal beacon, or a ringmaster there.” The scene changes again, to a holographic display on one of the fighter jets. “I’ve made some modifications over the last few years, and they can perform three times their original intended speed and manouverability. We will be splitting up, sincethere is a massive convergence of rogue Ionics in the Eastern Hemisphere.”
The scene changes again, to another city view. Also in ruins, and very much Russian.”Moscow,” Barry says. He had lived there for a while some years back, and had hoped to go back soon.
Brian quickly addresses the subject. “Barry and I will go to Moscow. We’ll try to figure out why there’s a concentration there, hopefully trace a signal to a culprit. Kid and Play will go to Chicago to hopefully do the same. John and Terry, I want you to–” He pauses, as his eye piece glows again. “Well I guess you won’t miss out either. There is a third concentration of Ionics–in South Africa. So dress for warm weather.”
Their new talents finally updated to their bodies, they all know that there is no questioning the logic of the plan. The three epicenters of activity must be investigated. The sphere slows to a stop, and the lights around the room dim, and the group exits. None of them would do this, but fighting back is the only way anyone can hope to survive this.
End Ch2

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