Andrew’s Journal

Andrew’s journal is a   free book   posted as a continuing blog.  It is a prequel to the book, The Angel Hunter.  It is intended to be read before or after Lucille’s first adventure.  A way for readers to be both introduced to the universe and continue the story after reading the book.  More Details can be found at

A unique aspect of this ongoing series is that we have an open call to those in the WME community and beyond, to illustrate the entries. Each entry can have multiple illustrations, and toward the release of the second novel in the series, the Journal will be released as a free e-book, with all accompanying credits to the artists. This is a great way to get your name out if you’re an artist. There are no rules except that the illustration has to depict in some way the scene(s) in the entry. You may interpret the characters any way you wish, there are no boundaries as to the visual aesthetic, so feel free to be creative! Artists of any genre are welcome to submit artwork for journal entries! (Full rules can be found by clicking here).


Andrew is a hardworking man caught up in an extraordinary world where angels are evil and God is nowhere to be found.  For better or worse, he joins a secret group called the Morning Stars.  His job is to find people with legitimate prayers and help answer them.  Something that no one had been able to do for him.

To read Andrew’s Journal, click HERE to start from the beginning, or check out the newest entry on the right!

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