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My Self

Challenges await around every bend
You must always work toward the end
No choice in the matter, cessation is
Like life, so don’t dread this
Always strive higher than is visible
For then even failure is admissible
Just move forward, the only direction
No looking back, maintain attention
The past has happened, cannot be changed
The future is a path yet to be blazed.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

WonderWomen Song

I’m in love with a girl
but she can’t bring me home
She left her heart on a paradise island
and the fight keeps her alone
She can’t see the truth
without a rope of make-believe
She flies on invisible wings
for all those to see

Her life’s an inspiration
Her mind’s an open book
She could always bring me back
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You are what I’d call,
slightly,definitively, off the wall.

Bouncing happily too and fro,
acting as if you didn’t know.

I hope not to offend, but soon
this bouncing will have to end.

And though,my dear, you are rather little,
you will have to settle
in the middle.

The middle is where we all will end,
Not an enemy, not a friend.

Jesus Walked With Me

  • I walk with the spirits of the passed at my side
    today it seems, Jesus chose to match my stride
    for when the moment came, and it was my turn to speak
    I did as he did, and turned the other cheek
    after a fashion, for i am not that man, ’tis a fact
    for I don’t know that I could again do that

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